Nightwish videography: Sleeping Sun (Oceanborn,1998)

"I wish for this night time to last for a lifetime, the darkness around me shores of a solar sea, oh how I wish to go down with the sun, sleeping, weeping, with you."

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beauty-at-matrix replied to your post “A teď já :D Jméno i příjmení :3”

Ovšem toto je kvalitní hudba :D Cinderblox, oujé! Russkaja, oujé! :D Hmmm, Sebíci :3

Tak ještě abych neposlouchala kvalitní hudbu :D a zrovna Russkaja jsem věděla že ti uělá radost :)

No to si piš, to je velmi kvalitní hudba! :D Traktor pyčo! :D

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slaves-of-yesterday Ask:
K tomu s těma písničkama, zkus moje jméno, nebo radši příjmení :P

K - Keelhauled - Alestorm

L - Larger than Life - Sonata Arctica

A - Age of the Phoenix - Freedom Call

R - Reign of Terror - Rhapsody of Fire

A - Amen & Attack - Powerwolf

S - San Sebastian - Sonata Arctica

E - Eurokozomut - Dymytry

S - Shadow of the Swastika - TÝR

T - Taivas Lyö Tulta - Teräsbetoni

A - Ashes to the stars - Tarot

K - Kaamos - Apocalyptica

O - Omnos - Eluveitie

V - Vodka - Korpiklaani

A - Amaranth - Nightwish

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Anonymous Ask:
  • Cabaret:Have you ever sang at a karaoke bar? If so, what songs? - Nope, we don’t have these things here that much…
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Ei kestä :)

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Sanna (:

S: Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife) - Kamelot

A: Alone - Warmen

N: Nabatea - Helloween

N: Not Strong Enough - Apocalyptica

A: Are you dead yet? -Children of Bodom

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Send me your name and I’ll make you a mini playlist that start with those letters

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So I am sure some of you have read the soul-crushing, heart-breaking post that Jari Mäenpää wrote today about his inability to fund his musical projects. (I posted it in its entirety after the break)

Crowd-funding being out due to record constraints, as we all figured out, it seems that Jari needs one thing: A studio of his own.

A studio costs a fucking fortune.  They cannot afford it.  They are musicians, and musicians make less and less money.  Fans want to help - but we can’t because the money would not be used the way we, the way the band wants it to be.  We want them to keep making music.  But there is not much we can do.

Or is there?

What if we sent them money directly?  Small amounts of money via PayPal?
Is that a thing that would be possible, would it tie in to their contract with Nuclear Blast, or would this gift money be able to be put to good use?
Finnish tax laws state that  You must pay gift tax if you receive gifts worth €4,000 in total from the same donor in the course of three years. If there is more than one donor, the assessment of gift tax applies separately to the gifts of each donor.

So if everyone sent their gifts separately. And it was all €3,999 or less, THEY WOULD GET TO KEEP ALL OF THE MONEY.

Lovers of all things Wintersun, landofwastingtime and battle-goblin regulars, and other manta ray enthusiasts - What does the insanely dedicated Wintersun/Jari fanbase think?
How much money would you be able to give to keep this talent from dying out?  Can we legitimately crowdfund $500,000 to send as a gifts, so Jari can purchase a rudimentary studio?

If you haven’t seen Jari’s post, read it here (have a box of tissues ready):

Read More

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I think I’ll go and have a little cry about Wintersun now

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I just want to hug Jari and tell him everything will be fine.

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sebstansgreathair Ask:
Dreamgirls : Would you rather be in a band or be a solo artist? =)

I would rather be in a band :)

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Anything Goes: What's the best compliment you've ever received?
Beauty and the Beast: If you had to be an inanimate object, what would you be?
Cabaret: Have you ever sang at a karaoke bar? If so, what songs?
Dreamgirls: Would you rather be in a band or be a solo artist?
Evita: Do you think you could lead a country?
Fiddler On the Roof: Do you have any unique traditions?
Guys and Dolls: Have you ever gambled before?
Hairspray: Have you ever been discriminated before? If so, for what?
Into the Woods: What is your favorite fairytale?
Jesus Christ Superstar: What are your thoughts on religion?
The King and I: How was your most recent travel experience?
Les Miserables: What is one dream you have but you know won't come true?
Mama Mia!: How do you feel about your parents?
Next to Normal: Have you been diagnosed with any mental disorders?
Once On This Island: What's something important you'd be willing to trade in order to stay with someone you love?
Peter Pan: Do you believe in fairies?
Quilters: What's an old-fashioned "rule" that you live by?
Rent: How would you react if you were told you only have a few months to live?
Sweeney Todd: Do you forgive and forget easily?
Throughly Modern Millie: Have you ever moved to another state or country? If so, how did it feel to be new?
Urinetown: What's the most disgusting drink you've ever consumed?
Victor/Victoria: If you were the opposite sex, what would your name be?
Wicked: Do you believe that no good deed goes unpunished?
Xanadu: Do you enjoy visual art? Are you good at it?
You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown: How do you define happiness?
Ziegfeld Follies: If you could go back in time and live in a different decade/era, which one would it be?
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Nightmare of Tim Burton
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I’m afraid to write this, but there’s a leegal loophole that could give Jari freedom from Nuclear Blast.. dispand Wintersun and form another band under another name… Children of Bodom did that when they were called “Inearthed” …

That’s exactly what I thought about, but I am afraid maybe Nuclear Blast have something in the contract to make sure they won’t do this? You know, this could cost them a lot of money. But if this worked for CoB… Maybe this is the last solution for Jari, if he won’t figure out something else…

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I am so angry. Nuclear Blast won’t let Jari do a crowfund so he can build a studio but they won’t lend him money for it either! They would rather see Wintersun dead than not have their money…

I am so sad. Music industry is ruining music. Sorry, but it’s true. Jari is living in a shitty apartment, giving everything he has to their music and it’s still not enough. He has material for at least 5 albums and all he needs is his own studio. And they won’t let him have one.

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